About Us

Welcome to “FORE”skin golf, a brand dedicated to protecting the assets that are fundamental to a golf swing:  hands and feet.  Golfers at any level know the importance in the relationship with your grip and the club, and any impediment to that connection hinders your ability to practice, play, and ultimately score your best round.

FORE”skin golf utilized existing medical grade Hydrocolloid gel for skin protection and recovery, and created a patch for fingers, toes and heels.  Hydrocolloid gel has been used for decades in the medical field to help with skin irritations, both pre and post wound therapy.  Utilizing this same technology to mitigate skin irritation and blisters, in the form of a patch, was an easy transition.  Not only does the “FORE”skin patch protect skin against blisters, but it also maintains a moisture rich environment on your skin and keep the area from drying out.

One major advantage the Hydrocolloid patch offers over existing skin protection products, is the ability to move and form fit to any finger, toe or heel.  Most golfers have heard of or used athletic tape to protect their skin, but these products don’t offer the flexibility and range of motion, especially around joints.  “FORE”skin golf patches provide safe, flexible protection, that will enhance and not hinder your golf game.

Not only does “FORE”skin golf provide a great product to protect your skin, we also recognize that not all golfers needs are the same.  We own the means of production on the size, shape and adhesion on our patches.  This means that if our customers advise they want something wider or smaller, or with a thicker middle; we have the ability to create that and offer it accordingly.  We encourage all of our customers to utilize the “FORE”skin feedback link to tell us what you would like to see next.

Thanks for visiting, and remember, “PROTECT YOUR DIGITS”…..