Lauren Timpf, 13, is a prime example of GAM Foundation’s Youth on Course impact

Youth on Course is a national non-profit, grow-the-game program implemented and subsidized in Michigan by the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) Foundation, and 13-year-old Macomb golfer Lauren Timpf realizes she is an example of the program’s impact.

The young golfer – who this summer has won her age group in the GAM Junior Invitational and the Michigan Junior Girls State Amateur and as the youngest player in the field reached the quarterfinals of the Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship – points out she is not alone.

“I think it encourages a lot more people to just get out and play golf,” she said. “I see more youth coming to play all the time, not just the other kids who play in tournaments like me. For $5 you get to play golf. I practice and play a lot and it helps make that possible.”

The daughter of Ryan and Amy Timpf first heard about Youth on Course through advertisements presented by the GAM and her involvement in the Southeast Michigan TGA golf program presented at her school.

TGA Premier Sports and TGA of Southeast Michigan is a national for-profit after-school program she has been involved with since 2012 and the first grade. Soon to be a freshman at Lutheran North High School in Macomb, Timpf has become an assistant coach with the program, helping to introduce the younger kids to golf.

TGA has endorsed Youth on Course as a way to transition golfers from their programs to the golf courses in an affordable manner.

“After we heard about Youth on Course and learned more about it at TGA, we discussed it at home and it made sense to join,” Timpf said.

“It’s really for everybody. You don’t have to play in tournaments. My dad is a very good golfer and my sister Kate comes with us to play. She is 10 and not into tournaments, but she likes to play with us. It makes golf for our family cheaper. Youth on Course works for everyone. You play golf for $5 and you are having fun. It’s a win-win.”

Lauren is one of 5,500 members this year through the Golf Association of Michigan’s Youth on Course support program, which is up from the 4,261 members a year ago in the state.

Over 15,000 rounds have been played this year at 108 participating golf courses in the state, up from 9,900 last year and the $65,000 in subsidies paid to those participating golf courses through June this year is already more than all of last year.

Those 5,500 members are not as talented or as devoted to the game as Timpf, who next week will play in the GAM Women’s Championship at Muskegon Country Club.

“For me, I learned a ton from TGA and then Youth on Course has made it possible for me to play and practice all that I’ve learned,” she said. “I can play all day if I want, and it’s just $5 each time I play.”

Timpf said she tells friends about it, and the younger kids in TGA who are ready to move their new skills to the golf course.

“It’s a great program all the way around,” she said.

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