Nike releases ‘Peace, Love and Golf’ footwear for 2020 PGA Championship

A lot of things have changed in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco since the Summer of Love in 1967. The fantastically-detailed houses are still there, but they’ve been joined by a Whole Foods, and you’re more likely to see electric-powered Tesla’s rolling along the streets than beat-up Volkswagon vans with fumes drifting from the windows and Grateful Dead bumper stickers on the back.

The neighborhood’s style influence remains, however, and with the PGA Championship scheduled to start next week at TPC Harding Park, several brands are taking their queues from San Francisco’s tie-dye culture of the 1960s.

Nike has just released the “Peace, Love and Golf” version of its golf footwear lineup. As you will see below, special editions of the Air Zoom Infinity Tour, Riche G Tour, Air Max 97 G, Zoom Victory Tour and the Jordan V G are being made available.

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