#AGoodWalk: Modern golf bags lighten the load with plenty of options

Golfers in many areas of the United States were forced out of their golf carts this year in the wake of the coronavirus, mandated to walk if they wanted to play. And that was not necessarily a bad thing. 

Barring ridiculous heat or steep climbs – and knowing that not all players are capable of walking 18 – the game is best played on foot. And it’s even better with a great carry bag. 

But not all stand bags are designed the same. Some focus on obtaining the lightest weight imaginable, knowing that ounces matter at the end of a 6-mile hike. Others focus on amenities such as premium feel or extreme padding. Each manufacturer touts strap systems that ease the load for a player’s shoulder. 

There’s even the minimalist class, which might eschew legs altogether. These bags might have fewer pockets – how many golf balls do you really need? – but offer a classic sense of style and sometimes high-end materials instead of modern, lighter polyesters. They’re not for everyone, but they do tend to start a few conversations. 

Check out these 12 options that promise not to spoil your long walk on the course. 

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