#AGoodWalk: Enjoy the stroll

Golf was invented on foot, and it’s still best played that way.

Sure, there are times and situations where that golf cart beckons. A modern fleet keeps many older players going round and round, and there simply are days where the heat would chase just about anybody into the shade of a cart’s roof. 

But the best of golf is sampled while walking. 

This year has been at best a mixed bag for golf, with coronavirus concerns grinding golf to a halt in many states through much of the spring. But in many locations, participation is thriving as players look for any retreat to normalcy. And as states and municipalities have tried to slow the spread of COVID-19, some officials allowed the game to continue with a new yet old mandate: Walking only. 

With a few noted exceptions, that’s as it should be.

And with that as a backdrop, welcome to Golfweek’s walking issue. We show the gear you might need, what goes into building a great walking course, how you might lighten the load and more. 

And we start it off with some of our favorite walks in golf.

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