Mulligan? Amazon driver gets stuck in Michigan golf cart tunnel

An Amazon driver found he was a few strokes high at a Michigan golf course over the weekend.

Bill Offer spotted something unusual blocking his way through a cart tunnel about 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 7 at the Boulder Pointe Golf Club in Oxford, Michigan, where he works as outside services supervisor.

It was an Amazon delivery truck, wedged about six feet into the tunnel between the Dunes course ninth green and the clubhouse, he said.

He went over to the driver, who told him his GPS had led him there, Offer said.

“I said, ‘You couldn’t have been, you’re on a cart path,’” Offer said.

The driver was apologetic and seemingly rather embarrassed, however, Offer said.

Apparently, the driver took a wrong turn and didn’t realize his truck wouldn’t fit in the tunnel, which runs under a road, Offer said. To the driver’s credit, it was a two-way cart path that looks like the width of a road.

The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and a tow truck was called, along with another Amazon truck, which took on the packages from the crashed vehicle, Offer said.

“I was a little upset and right away I realized this guy felt like there was no rock to crawl under,” Offer said.

Golf carts were rerouted around the crash, but golfers still stopped to take their phones out to snap a photo, Offer said.

Luckily, a nearby wedding paid no notice to the commotion.

Jokes certainly caught air at the club and online, after he posted his own photo, with one such jest about a missing delivery of golf clubs, Offer said.

It was a strange day in a few ways, with summer temperatures in November, Offer said. Still, the crash stands out among anything he’s handled at the club.

“You don’t expect somebody to mistake a golf cart path … and get a delivery truck stuck in it,” he said.

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