Masters: Jon Rahm skipped his shot off the water for a jaw-dropping hole-in-one

If you ever needed more evidence of how ridiculously good professional golfers are at golf, look no further than the sorcery that Jon Rahm pulled off at Augusta on Tuesday.

It has been a tradition over the years to attempt to skip your shot off the water on No. 16 during practice rounds. And while any regular golfer would simply send their shot plunging into a pond (you know, because gravity), pro golfers turn that pond into a playable avenue of some sort.

But man, Rahm’s attempt at No. 16 on Tuesday may legitimately be the most remarkable golf shot I’ve ever seen. He skipped his shot off the water for a hole-in-one.

Like, what?! How? That is real.

“Yeah, pretty nice birthday present,” said Rahm, who turned 26 on Tuesday. “Can’t complain. Hit my normal tee shot to two feet and then skipped it and made it, which is the craziest thing, the second hole-in-one of the week.”

Indeed, it was his second ace this week. Rahm made a hole-on-one on the fourth hole on Monday.

“Well, yesterday it was on 4, I hit a 5 iron, and we didn’t know it went in. A couple people on the green, and we didn’t know until we basically got to the green. But the one on 16 today was visible, so very different. You don’t see people skipping it and actually hitting it on the green very often, and to make it to that back pin, clearly we were all pretty shocked.”

Rahm said he isn’t counting the skip ace towards his career total.

“The one on 16 doesn’t really count as an ace. With the one on 4 yesterday, that’s four. Two in competition,” he said.

And, sure, Rahm might not be the first player to successfully hole that pond-to-pin shot on 16.

But I’m going all in on my recency bias and declaring it the greatest golf shot ever. Sorry not sorry. Twitter seemed to agree.

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