Korn Ferry Tour’s Alex Beach got a late start on pro golf and now wonders where he can end up

The grind isn’t easy. So said Alex Beach, a self-taught golfer who competed in his third PGA Championship last summer.

Beach is a member of the Korn Ferry Tour, a playing and teaching professional at Westchester Country Club, a two-time PGA national champion and assistant national champion. 

Beach has a few PGA Tour qualification exemptions for the rest of the year. He’s excited to see how his passion and dedication translates to the leaderboard.

“You’ve got to put a little road map together, a little work into it, or nothing is ever going to change,” he said on the “WHY YOU SUCK AT GOLF!” podcast.

The 31-year-old got into the professional golf world later than most pros as he was not a collegiate golfer. Beach is incredibly humble about getting his competitive start only five years ago.

“I’ve heard enough people say that I’m good, I know that I’m good, but if I really work at it where can I end up?” he asked.

He knows that he is still in the middle of this process and believes he is capable of coming out on top in his upcoming tournaments. 

“It takes so much failure in order to learn how to be successful in this game. I think it is the most rewarding game when you have a good week or when you play a good round, maybe you make your first par, whatever your next level of success is. The work that goes into it and achieving it is the greatest feeling ever,” Beach added. 

After six months off from competitive golf due to the coronavirus pandemic, Beach’s first tournament back was the prestigious 2020 PGA Championship at Harding Park in San Francisco. 

Beach thought the PGA Tour did a great job of “policing” the event and keeping players safe and healthy.

“Part of the protocol being in San Francisco, was to eat our food at our own table [in the locker room. Every locker was six feet apart from each other with a high top table.] and it sort of felt like high school or maybe grade school where you grab your food, you walk along, you have your mask on, say ‘hi’ to your friends and then you have to go sit in your little corner,” he added with a laugh.


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