Max Homa saw Fred Couples do ‘the most old-guy veteran move’ at the Masters

While fans never heard anyone on the Masters broadcast utter the term “mud ball” last week — they opted instead to say there was turf, earth, or my personal favorite, “organic matter” on the ball — chances are you heard a few players mention them due to the wet conditions, especially on Thursday and Friday.

Mud on a golf ball can significantly impact its flight and distance. That’s pretty easy to understand. The problem is, you never know just how much of an impact there will be.

On his “Get a Grip” podcast alongside Shane Bacon, 2020 Masters rookie Max Homa recapped his first experience at Augusta National and told a fun story about playing with Fred Couples and witnessing one of his savvy, veteran moves firsthand on No. 15.

“Fred was going before me, I wasn’t really watching, but he hit this lay up and it sounded like really bad contact,” said Homa. “I looked over and the ball was not above my head and it was screaming down the fairway. It was so sick, he was getting the mud off the golf ball on the lay up, he was making sure it rolled and didn’t plug.”

“I went over to him and said ‘that is the most old-guy veteran move I have ever seen,’ and he was laughing.”

If you’re like us and already missing the Masters, listen to the full episode here.

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