Bryson DeChambeau in GQ: ‘My goal is to live to 130 or 140’

All the workouts, all the protein shakes. The endgame, we all assumed, was for Bryson DeChambeau to hit a golf ball farther than anyone else on the planet.

He’s accomplished that already, but now DeChambeau was quoted in a GQ article saying he’s hoping to live twice as long as the average person.

DeChambeau claims to drink at least a half-dozen protein shakes a day and consumes 3,500 calories to keep adding on to a frame that’s 40 pounds heavier than it was at Christmas.

In the recent article, DeChambeau was quoted saying he’d like to live to be 130 or 140, which is nearly twice as long as the average life expectancy of 72.6 years, as per the United Nations.

“I’ve always been interested in life in general, growing up. I always questioned everything. I didn’t have a lot of resources when I was young. I couldn’t go down all these roads with these questions that I asked at an early age,” DeChambeau said. “But now that I’ve been able to have some success, I’ve kinda gotten deep into most of these things and only taken what has added value to me. I’m always trying to add more value to my life in general. I mean, my goal is to live to 130 or 140.

“I really think that’s possible now with today’s technology. I think somebody’s going to do it in the next 30 or 40 years. I want humans to be better. I want them to succeed. I want to say, Hey, this is all of the stuff I’ve experienced that helped me do my best. If it helps you, great. If it doesn’t, well, let’s keep working on it. Let’s keep figuring stuff out. That’s my take on life.

The Twitter world was on fire with excerpts from Bryson’s interview, including insinuations that DeChambeau was toying with GQ reporter Emily Abbate.

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