Bryson DeChambeau makes a 10 at Muirfield’s 15th after getting second opinion on OB debacle

Sometimes long is wrong, as Bryson DeChambeau found out Friday in the second round of the Memorial. And sometimes Kraken stays too long in the water.

The long hitter was even par and safely inside the cut line on the tee of the par-5 15th at Muirfield Village, but he pumped his tee shot into a hazard on the left 279 yards away. After a drop in the rough and a penalty shot, he had 289 yards left to the hole.

Things didn’t get any better. His third shot went out of bounds near a fence to the right of the fairway, so he dropped again with another penalty shot. (More on that ball later.)

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Now hitting his fifth shot, he again lost a ball. Another drop in the rough, another penalty. Now hitting seven, he had 259 yards to the hole, and he missed the green.

He finally got his eighth shot onto the green, 29 feet from the hole. Two putts later, he had a 10 to fall to 5 over par and outside the cut line.

For those counting, that was three drops and three penalty shots. Ouch.

But DeChambeau didn’t go quietly. After finding one of his lost balls beneath a metal fence, DeChambeau disagreed with a rules official that the ball was out of bounds. As is his right, he asked for a second opinion. But that ruling didn’t go any better for DeChambeau, and he stomped off unhappily after the ruling.

Sometimes golf is hard, even when you can hit it 350 yards in the air.

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