Is Rory McIlroy using this down time to catch up with Bryson DeChambeau?

With the Masters coming up in five weeks, it’s not quite the offseason. Instead, this month is more like preparation time for one last shot at glory in 2020. Despite being a new dad, Rory McIlroy is clearly taking advantage of that and making gains.

If there are any words to sum up professional golf this year (besides, of course, “pandemic”), then speed and power would be those words. Bryson DeChambeau, with his bulked-up power game, aggressive swing and huge distance gains, has pretty much coined them.

A photo McIlroy posted on in his Instagram story on Saturday suggests he might be in pursuit of some of that power himself. The World No. 4 player posted a photo of the screen on his launch monitor, which displayed a 186 mph ball speed and 340 yards of carry.

McIlroy didn’t indicate what club he was hitting or where, but those numbers are pretty macho, indeed.

Rory McIlroy, speed

A screenshot of Rory McIlroy’s Instagram story on Saturday.

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