The Unlucky 7: Check out some of the worst shots that mattered in Masters history

There have been plenty of horrible shots and famous fizzles at the Masters, but a handful of truly bad shots stand out for coming at a most unfortunate moment. Call these the Unlucky 7.

These, of course, do not include all the bad rounds with the Masters on the line. For example, Greg Norman’s famous collapse in 1996 isn’t included – it wasn’t so much one terrible, defining shot as a steady leaking of all the air in his balloon.

And the Unlucky 7 don’t include the foursome of contenders who dumped balls into Rae’s Creek on the par-3 No. 12 in 2019, as those were all single swings that went awry but still left those players somewhat in contention as Tiger Woods charged to victory.

No, the shots that follow were truly awful – both in execution and in timing – and yes, No. 12 plays into this tale. For most of us regular duffers, these shots – listed in no particular order – are swings that might seem all too familiar.

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