Lohla Sport new All Star and Core Collection: European style with a Los Angeles twist

Debuting in January 2021, Lohla Sport is taking women’s golf fashion to a new level with a Los Angeles twist on European styles. Founder and CEO Lisa O’Hurley, prides herself on the company’s “Made for Play” mantra. She has designed Lohla Sport for the golfer who is fashionable, yet still desires comfort and movability on and off the course.

Lohla Sport is releasing the All Star and Core Collection in patriotic colorways in time for the 4th of July, Ryder Cup and Olympics. Shirts, pants and skorts will be available in red, white and navy. Their skorts and their “Very Pant” are a rare women’s find with four pockets. The apparel is made from French and Italian fabrics that have a slim-to-body fit.

Women’s leggings have slowly crept into the golf scene, but some clubs say they are against the dress code. Lohla Sport has created a Golf Fitness Pant to fit within country club guidelines. This pant has the comfort and feel of leggings but with added back pockets and thicker material to stay dress-code compliant. Many clubs have approved the fitness pant and it is changing the game for women everywhere.

Lohla Sport is releasing electric looking outwear with vests and jackets. They are releasing velour and metallic jackets in the collection that will not only keep you warm, but keep you standing out on the course.

Lohla Sport Chevron Vest. (Lohla Sport)

The All Star and Core collection are set to launch July 1 on the Lohla Sport website.

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